These are instructions on how to upload a profile picture from a computer. Please make sure you have a profile picture saved to your computer. If you have a picture you took from a mobile device, you can send your picture to your email. On the computer open the email and save the picture to a place on your computer.

Using the Outlook Web App (Internet version)

Go to the web app and log into your account and login with your SCC login information.

Outlook Web App employee log in page screenshot

Once logged into your email, click on your name in the upper right corner. Then select “View Account.

Under My Account, select “Personal info” and then the “Change photo.

The window below will open, and select the “Browse” button.

You will be able to navigate to the place you saved your picture on your computer. Go to the location and select your picture, and then click on the “Open” button.

You will see a preview of your picture. Click on “Save” to save the selected picture.

Your picture will appear on your Personal info screen. It may take a while for your profile to show across all devices and locations. It may take up to a day or so for it to appear.