1. Select the start menu.

screenshot of start menu icon

2. In the start menu, select the gear icon beside settings.

screenshot of the Settings option in the start menu

3. Select the Network & Internet tile.

Network and Internet tile screenshot

4. Select the blue Manage Wi-Fi settings link.

screenshot of Manage Wi-Fi settings

5. Scroll down to the Manage Networks section and select SCC-Secure, or network you want to clear and select the Forget link.

Now you are ready to join SCC-Secure, or the network you cleared and login with the new password.

screenshot of scc secure link with option to forget in the bottom right

If you need technical assistance, then please contact SCC Tech Support by calling 704-991-0222, sending an email to techsupport@stanly.edu, or through live chat. You can access chat by going to https://helpdesk.stanly.edu and look for the “Let’s talk” chat box located in the bottom right hand of the screen as shown below. SCC Tech Support normal hours are from 7:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Friday.

Let's Talk button example