The first step is to enroll in a course at Stanly Community College and remain in the course. Please keep in mind that the benefit does not become active until classes start. So if you were to enroll today the Office 365 subscription is not immediately available. Typically, it will be available at the beginning of the semester, in some cases a few days before.

Next, you will need to find out your Stanly Community College login name and password. If you don’t know this you can contact the technical support SCC Tech Support at or by calling 704-991-0222. They can assist you in finding the information.

Then, you’ll need to visit Once there you’ll put in your username + So, if your username is jsmith1234 then you would put in Once you click in the password field it will begin to redirect you to a special sign-in page for SCC students.

Office 365 Login Page screenshot

Office 365 Redirecting Message screenshot

Once you are redirected to the login page for Stanly Community College you may need to re-enter your username + as seen below. Then, enter in your SCC password as well. If you are a new student it is important that you change your password from the default password you were given for your account before logging in here. If you have not changed your password from the default you can do so by visiting

username and password field screenshot

After logging you’ll be taken to the Microsoft Office installation page. You’ll see here that you’re receiving the full office version suitable for your Introduction to Computers class and any other course that requires you to use a Microsoft Office Product. You can choose either the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version. If you’re not sure what you need choose the 32 bit version. It will run on any version of Windows. Then, simply click the install button.

programs list and install button screenshot

Once you click the Install button it will prompt you to download the file and may ask where you want to save it. Your screens may look slightly different depending upon which web browser software you’re using to install Office.

opening setup pop-up screenshot

name of file to save example

You may also be prompted by your User Access Control feature just to confirm that you want to download and install Office onto your system. Assuming you do want to continue with the installation, click the “Yes” button.

user account control pop-up example

The installation should begin shortly and then you’ll begin to see various messages popping up informing you of the installation status and progress.

loading screen example

If your connection is a little slow you may also receive an information message telling you it may take a while.

example information message telling you it may take a while

Accept the license agreement if you are in agreement with the terms. You must agree to the terms in order to install the software.

license agreement screenshot

Type in the email address you want to use to sign into your Microsoft Services. You could user your SCC email address if you like. SCC may not work.

sign in pop-up example 1

sign in pop-up example 2

meet one drive screenshot

hello user screenshot

take a look at what's new screenshot

you're good to go screenshot

You're done!

If you’re having issues logging in, or needing technical assistance, then please contact SCC Tech Support by calling 704-991-0222, sending an email to, or through live chat. You can access chat by going to and look for the “Let’s talk” chat box located in the bottom right hand of the screen as shown below. SCC Tech Support normal hours are from 7:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Friday.

Let's Talk button example