Apple mobile devices (steps may vary slightly depending on Apple iOS):

1. Locate and click the Settings application icon, this should be on your home menu.

2. Under the settings list of options, select the Wi-Fi option.

screenshot of the Wif-Fi option in the Settings menu

3. You should now see the Wi-Fi page and its list of options.

screenshot of Wi-Fi networks available

4. Make sure that the Wi-Fi is on, if not click the slider beside of the word Wi-Fi to turn it on. (if the slider is green, Wi-Fi is on)

screenshot of Wi-Fi options with on off slider in top right

5.scc_secure should be listed as one of the network options.

6.Click on the scc_secure network, a page of options for this network should appear.

screenshot of scc_secure options

7.Click Forget This Network.

screenshot of scc_secure options with Forget This Network highlighted

8. Click Forget from the window that appears. This will temporarily remove the scc_secure network from your device.

Forget Wi-Fi network pop-up with Forget highlighted

9. On the scc_secure page, click Wi-Fi to return the the Wi-Fi page.

screenshot of Wi-Fi back button

10. On the Wi-Fi page, scc_secure should reappear in the Choose A Network… list

scc_secure option in list of available networks

11. Connect to scc_secure and enter in your most current Stanly Community College credentials.

screenshot of login page

If you need technical assistance, then please contact SCC Tech Support by calling 704-991-0222, sending an email to, or through live chat. You can access chat by going to and look for the “Let’s talk” chat box located in the bottom right hand of the screen as shown below. SCC Tech Support normal hours are from 7:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Friday.

Let's Talk button example