If you are not able to log in to Student Gmail, then it can be one of three issues. Issue one, you are using the whole email address for the username. Issue two, your password has expired. Lastly, issue three, you may be using the incorrect username and password. Start with issue one and work your way down until the issue is resolved. If the issue cannot be resolved, then you will need to contact Tech Support. The contact information is at the very bottom of this page. The following explains the three previously mentioned issues in greater detail:

Issue 1: You are attempting to use your full email address for the username and the login box just clears out. Gmail will not allow you to use your full SCC Gmail address to sign into Student Gmail, such as jdoe1234@scc.stanly.edu. You must use the username only, such as jdoe1234. The username will be the information before the @ symbol in your email address. Below shows an example of how the username should look for John Doe.

screenshot of example student gmail login

Issue 2: You are attempting to login to Student Gmail using your username and password and the login box clears, failing to login. If this happens, then your password may be expired and you need to update the password. To resolve this issue, you will need to login to another Stanly Community College website to update your password, such as Self-Service, WebAdvisor, Moodle, or MyPage, or Moodle. Once you are logged in to another SCC Website, you may see the page below, prompting you to update your password. You will need to create a new password by the minimum password requirements as shown in the red circle below. Please keep in mind, you cannot use a previously set password and that the system remembers passwords from the previous four semesters. We recommend using a password that you have never used before. If you do not see this page prompting you to update your password as shown below, or it doesn't log in successfully, then you may have an issue with your password. If it’s an issue with your password, then continue to issue 3 below:

screenshot of update password screen

Issue 3: If you have an issue with your password, then you may be using an incorrect username and password. If you are not able to log in to another Stanly Service, or do not know your password, then you can reset your password through the SCC Password Reset page at https://changepw.stanly.edu. If you are taking a Continued Education course at SCC, such as a VMware course, then you must use your seven-digit student ID number to reset your password. I’ve provided more information at the bottom of this page to help VMware students recover their seven-digit student ID number. Below shows the change password page, which gives you two options to verify your account. You can verify your account by entering the last four numbers of your Social Security number, or by using your seven-digit student ID number. If you don’t know your username, then you can use the What’s My User ID? Link in WebAdvisor to recover it. You will find the link at the bottom of the main WebAdvisor page.

screenshot of password reset page

VMware students may need to use their Student ID option to reset their password. VMware students can recover their seven-digit ID number from the email they received from the College requesting payment for the course. The email includes your initial login and student ID number.

If you are having issues logging in, or needing technical assistance, please contact SCC Technical Support by calling 704-991-0222, or contacting us through live chat.  You can access live chat by going to https://helpdesk.stanly.edu and selecting the yellow “Let’s Talk” chat window that is located towards the bottom of the screen. Below shows an example of the live chat window. We can only handle login issues over the phone, or chat. We cannot handle login issue through email, so please make sure you contact us over chat, or phone. Please visit the main Technical Support page to see normal business hours and closings.

Let's Talk button example